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Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 32GB

7.0", TFT, Samsung, Android 2.2, 190.1x120.5x12 mm, 0.38 kg
Date of entry2010
Number of kernels1
Clock speed1000 Mhz
The Length Of The190.1 mm
Width120.45 mm
Thickness11.98 mm
Weight380 g.
Designsingle-screen Tablet
Hull materialplastic
The shell surface texturesmooth, glossy, matte, smooth
The color of chassis panelsBlack, white
Diagonal screen size7.0"
Permission1024 x 600
Screen technologyTN+Film
Matrix backlightLED (led)
Screen surfaceglossy
Protective glass (no frames display)[no]
Touch screen[yes] capacitive
Support pen input (stylus)[no]
Light sensor[no]
Type of hard disk (drive)solid-state (SSD)
Hard disk capacity32 Gb
Memory card[yes] microSD
Graphics adapterPowerVR SGX 540
Integrated camera
Number of active pixels3 Mp
Built-in microphone[yes]
Bluetooth[yes] 3.0
WiFi[yes] 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
Wireless modem
USB 2.0 (including combo)[no]
USB 3.0[no]
Audio output 3.5 mm jack[yes] 1
Inputs 3.5 mm audio jack[no]
Dock-connector port
TV tuner[no]
FM tuner[no]
The type of batteryLi-ion
Time of work
The operating systemAndroid 2.2
Accelerometer hard drive[no]
Light up the chassis[no]
Dust, moisture, shock[no]
Optical tr?kpad[no]
C?emnyj battery[no]
Processor modelS5PC110
Battery capacity4000 mAh
English-language reviews and tests
Cache (General, L2, or L3)512 Kb
Michael 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Excellent tablet with a totality of functions

Has bought the given device and remained very happy. The device very bright, outwardly very beautiful, loses all formats of video, system Android 2.2. With reinsertion possibility, GSM the module has pleased, a communication quality faultless. The screen very sympathetic, never a tablet podvisal, all works quickly, glitches are not present. And the price for it in Europe has very attractively appeared.
speed, the GSM-module, the compact sizes, quality of assemblage and materials, the European price, two chambers
is possible they and is, but while as for the inhabitant, them has not found
Sergey 02.09.2011 в 23:12

One of the best tablets!

became the owner of this tablet:), not naraduyus'... Convenient, small weight, very universal. At whom direct hands - problems will not be). Has stitched to Android 2.3.3, has established a heap of a useful software.
the convenient, small weight, is omnivorous (HD films without problems reproduces)
the Minus only one is a support by the manufacturer. Very much glyuchnaya the native program from Samsunga "Kies". Over it still to work and work.
mike-23 02.09.2011 в 23:12

All all all!

the super device! At once has stitched Android 2.3.3, has put normal chitalku fb2, video opens any, mkv on hurrah, has put Navitel, now and on the journey the help.... It is very happy also with all I recommend. The one who speaks about dampness of an insertion, I recommend to understand and stitch for another, the blessing their heap, Even Skype the cracked has found, now and video calls work
the screen, the battery, the chamber] reads all video formats, as chitalka simply class
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02.09.2011 в 23:12

Maria 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Obligatory thing for everyone!

taking in hands Galaxy Tab, you understand that this unusual device! Any notes, books, plans and all that is necessary for the modern person conveniently not only to place inside, but also to read out! Yes, it is a little inconvenient in respect of phone, however after such smart display for what you will not exchange on the small.
replacement of all red tape in bags! The irreplaceable device for modern misters!
the bad chamber (((
Vyacheslav 02.09.2011 в 23:12

Crude, even very crude!

I will not describe all delights of the given device, about it many videoclips on yutube shout... I Will tell more easier and priblijenne to realities:
otnestites' to purchase taba vzveshenno! The device as a matter of fact the worthy competitor yablochniku, all is made accurately, qualitatively and on mind. The big censures causes ON. It is one continuous glitch (differently it is impossible to name). Android 2.2 very crude on this device also demands serious completion. Various insertions which now set, solve a part of problems, but create the new. Prepare to that foreign programs will hang out the device and to apologise for inconveniences. That is interesting, even such nezameniemye softiny as Navitel - support taba is realised only in last version (the agent works normally not for all), meil ru - glyuchit, at skaiypa the chamber (what for does not work then skaiyp it is asked) cannot "prisposobit'sya" to a taboo.
in general, the given device for the person with firm, unshakable nervous system.
convenient, functional, the quite good battery
the Software, a software and once again a software! I did not meet such problems neither on vindovs 98, nor on simbiane!
Cyril 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Best tablet!

Has bought this tablet one week ago. Has chosen because of the capacitor screen, mul'titacha and very convenient size of the screen: 7". As phone I do not plan to use, but has just in case got to Bluetooth-set. Pleasant by sight, convenient, before androidom it did not use, pleasant. Is more thin my phone. All arranges, with all is happy, has completely justified expectations and even more! Has bought completely russificirovannyiy and even there is Russian keyboard. Read responses, nekotory statements has counted inappropriate: "bol'shoiy, it is inconvenient to use as phone, tyajyolyiy" - when I chose it, I understood that it something other if phone or netbuk, something between them, and owing to what character of its use a bit different.
it is very convenient to watch film, to play and climb on the Internet on steams)))
From all tablets, at present, the best variant.
On the keyboard there is no letter "yo"))) Any more has not found, and, I hope, I will not find.
zobovalex 02.09.2011 в 23:12

After purchase of the given device interest to smart phones vanishes

the Thing test, I use month, to change on what it would not be desirable, ipad too big, 3.7 - 4.3 inches, that is a great bulk of smart phones, too small, 7 inches that that is necessary. Before has touched all modern models htc after has bought the given tablet, has ceased to be interested in smart phones in general. In what, in my opinion, advantage of the given model that all modern services move in the Internet for anybody not a secret, and so the given size, namely 7 inches, kompromis between comfortable use the Internet of services and the sizes convenient for resocks, that is it with convenience it is possible to carry it with itself in a jacket inside pocket. As to quality in comparison with topovymi models htc in my opinion galaksi does not concede, except for the moments specified more low.
about pluses above
the big weight, the small permission of the screen, a wide framework.
Alta 02.09.2011 в 23:12

It is not necessary to chase thoughtlessly novelties, it is necessary to think, whether it is necessary to you. I wish good luck!

has received this device as a present per day jam. As phone it in use is not necessary, too big, stremno to get and on it to speak. GPS works correctly on an extreme measure across Minsk, a map podgrujaet from the Internet. The native browser crude, on it it is not regulated brightness of the screen. For example, in the evening when it is dark, I clean brightness of the screen to a minimum, but then it is necessary to start the browser as there and then it becomes very bright and it not to clean in any way that hurts the eyes. The text in this browser automatically is not located under the sizes of the screen that stremno, the finger is tired also eyes. A problem has solved, having put oreru the browser. As a whole, it seems to me the price list zalupatyiy.
Small, compact very much, functional. Batteries suffice at 7-8 o'clock, good GPS
As it is impossible to use phone, all will laugh. It is not deprived glitches at such that the price list. There is no Russian keyboard.