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Huawei IDEOS S7

7.0", TN+Film, Qualcomm, Android 2.1, 209x108x15.5 mm, 0.5 kg
Date of entry2010
Number of kernels
Clock speed
The Length Of The209 mm
Width108 mm
Thickness15.5 mm
Weight500 g.
Designsingle-screen Tablet
Hull materialplastic
The shell surface textureglossy smooth
The color of chassis panels
Diagonal screen size7.0"
Permission800 x 480
Screen technologyTN+Film
Matrix backlightLED (led)
Screen surfaceglossy
Protective glass (no frames display)[no]
Touch screen
Light sensor[yes]
Type of hard disk (drive)solid-state (SSD)
Hard disk capacity
Memory card[yes] microSD
Integrated camera[yes]
Number of active pixels2 Mp
Built-in microphone[yes] 1
Acoustic system2 speaker
Bluetooth[yes] 2.1
WiFi[yes] 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
Wireless modem[yes] EDGE, UMTS (W-CDMA), HSPA
USB 2.0 (including combo)
USB 3.0[no]
Audio output 3.5 mm jack[yes] 1
Inputs 3.5 mm audio jack[no]
Dock-connector port[yes]
TV tuner[no]
FM tuner[no]
Electronic compass[no]
The type of batteryLi-ion
Energy reserve8.14 WH
Time of work4:0 pm
The operating systemAndroid 2.1
DescriptionThe first tablet that Huawei is an intermediary between the big tablets and a Smartphone. 7 " tablet device running Android and supports all the necessary functions. Actually this is a classic MID (Media Intern
Accelerometer hard drive[yes]
Light up the chassis[no]
Dust, moisture, shock[no]
Optical tr?kpad[yes]
C?emnyj battery[yes]
Processor modelSnapdragon QSD8250
RAM typeDDR2
The amount of memory256 Mb
Battery capacity2200 mAh
the device 02.09.2011 в 23:12

Very was pleasant it is necessary to take. Better in a price category the price-quality not to find.

originally the relation to Huaveju was same as well as the name. But taking it in hands already then has understood that was mistaken.
- qualitatively collected case
- Accurate to pressing tachskrin, though also resistive
- the Bright processor
- huge number of functions and an adjusted software
- Appearance. It looks very decently that I certainly did not expect
- SLOTS for microSD and SD flash cards, support of maps SDHC
- Pleasant organomika and absence of glitches and pritormajivaniiy
- the Bright display...
-Semnapja the battery (by the way a weak place of this device, but at desire it is possible to buy in addition the second!)

And it only after 1 day of use of a device. It seems at the further using will be much dostoinsv.
About lacks I do not know... Yet has not found. But as in the car it would be desirable to buy gymnastics, and the holder which as speak, are not present on sale. It is necessary to make.
and so the device standing!
Lithium366 02.09.2011 в 23:12

Excellent model on laiyfovskoiy to the price, but on the market another would choose aparat

Has bought spontaneously, has weighed the price and the traffic from Life:) Also has thought - a freebie. Thought that there will be shaky and glyuchnaya a thingummy, the trust to Heawei was not. But has been pleasantly surprised by quality of assemblage - it is possible to hammer in nails. Anything does not creak anywhere, materials qualitative enough. The Support-aerial rulit. Good WiFi. Now about minuses. First of all it, of course, the accumulator. If to adjust any mails, exchange, weather, tvittery and feiysbuki on autoupdating (time at an o'clock), skype that hung constantly does not suffice and per day thus that plansh simply lies in a bag and I can and not use it. It aparata has one more universal problem: when the charge low level akkuma and weak level GSM of a signal - tach starts to be engaged samodeyat'el'nost'yu - itself jmyakat' buttons, to delete something, sites to open. To find the decision of this problem I not a smog, but has understood that it almost at everyone so. One more problem softovaya - periodically takes off an error if updating with exchange and after this error as though at you is adjusted and there was no mail box. It is necessary to create and synchronise all anew. For 2 weeks of dense operation this all minuses which I have found out. And still it is very difficult to find automobile gymnastics in Minsk for this device. It is necessary to buy aiypadovskuyu and to alter a socket.
the price, quality of assemblage, good WiFi, presence GSM of the module, bright enough, the aerial-support
Glitches with tachem at low level of a charge and weak GSM a signal, ooochen' the weak battery.
Andrey 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Excellent thing for n

Took this tablet. All was pleasant basically: a sympathetic sensor control (capacitor), good screen, fast navigation under the menu and applications (bright percents), without problems go all necessary programs, convenient podstavochka. The weak battery and the most severe glitches strains only at a low charge (starts to lead the life). But it is nonsense. It is more than fan! Item S in the first put has replaced an insertion with anlokom on the droid 2.2.2, has appeared high-grade flesh!
to look above
to look above
Sergey 02.09.2011 в 23:12

Without alternatives

8 months Use. Has never regretted about purchase! All works perfectly well. Recently has stitched on Androjd 2.2. I use for reading of books, video, navigation in the car and for the Internet. I do not see alternatives for such money. Weakness of the battery easily dares purchase spare for 10 euros in any salon Lajf.
Reasonable price. All works (is checked up by time).
the Weak battery, but it is easy to buy the spare.
aLeKSeiy 02.09.2011 в 23:12

Huawei Ideos S7 + life:) = the Cool tablet for surfing in an Internet and entertainments

the Father took to itself such from life:) + 5000 Mb. I wanted to dissuade it, but it has not turned out. As a result, when I have taken it in hands, popol'zovalsya - my opinion on the device has exchanged. A super thing! + Films well loses (while tried only films in the size no more than 1.36 Gb, but should and dvuhgigovye to go easy). I have been surprised that we had a version with the capacitor screen is simply super. + the Sensor control excellent. + the Sound quite normal and loud enough (though read in responses and at forums that a sound not so). + Files through a cable are thrown off quickly + the Case is pleasant. There is a support to look films. From minuses only rather weak akkum. Well that under application installation is given about 160 Mb if I am not mistaken still can. But it is simple for correcting a new insertion. Did not think that I will tell it: life:) rulit!
5 Gb the traffic from life:), the capacitor screen, free supplements in a market, a sound (2 dynamics), cheapness, convenience of system android, a support
the accumulator could be and it is better
Sergey 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Excellent thing!

and me this device very much was pleasant! I join all nijeperechislennym to pluses! Conveniently, cool. Texts, of course, not popishesh'... But for lazaniya on is not present, films, music and toys most that) And HERE the BATTERY COULD be And is more feasible!
for such money a sin to search for lacks! All super!
a battery (but I speak it about is not present, and it is possible to read the book long))))
Minsk parnyaga 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Excellent choice the price-quality

Has got about 2 weeks ago. Basically, it is happy. Certainly, the tablet not without lacks, but for such money of alternative is not present. Pereproshil on 2.2. Like as it became better, and applications are put now on a flash card. Took on Life. 5Gb in a month - above a roof. In general, take, will not regret.
now the capacitor screen with mul'titach, many other things
the Battery, external dynamics, is heated.
Artem 02.09.2011 в 23:12

Take will not regret, as it is already possible to put on it android 2.2...

the Standing thing, I can not without it... And after it was updated to android 2.2 so in general it is healthy. Not tupit, holds all strong applications... The Drawing in games the excellent! To read books very conveniently... To Look films smartly... More shortly, at it it is a lot of pluses, therefore I will tell only about minuses... Well, naturally it is the battery *)) it Holds very little... Well and a low sound from dinamikov... That's all *)
Take will not regret, as it is already possible to put on it android 2.2...
the Battery, a low sound
Alexander 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Excellent tablet. The price elevating. For Internet surfing an excellent variant.

the Excellent tablet, and costs not much. Here personally for me the tablet is means for work. I have bought this tablet and to it Simens a40. For me it seemed more optimum, than to buy two iPhone 3Gs (matter is not in their cost). The tablet excellent, does not break.
personally this tablet is more necessary to me that when I am not at home, and not in office, I had fast, and the main thing a convenient access to the Internet. And it seems to me that Tablet Huawei SmaKit S7 perfectly copes with this problem.
the Internet works enough taki, at high level. The satisfying memory size.
that there is a Possibility to look through video and films without converting is very pleasant.
you will not drop at work. Quite optimum sizes. Two dynamics
1) it was necessary to put on it the Capacitor sensor control. 2) there is no chamber from the back party of a tablet.