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Apple iPad WiFi+3G 32

9.7", IPS, Apple A4, iOS 5.0, 0.73 kg
Date of entry2010
ProcessorApple A4
Number of kernels1
Clock speed1000 Mhz
Width189.7 mm
Thickness13.4 mm
Weight730 g.
Designsingle-screen Tablet
Hull material
The shell surface textureglossy smooth
The color of chassis panelsBlack, silver
Accelerometer[yes] G-sensor
Proximity sensor[no]
Diagonal screen size9.7"
Permission1024 x 768
Screen technologyIPS
Matrix backlightLED (led)
Screen surfaceglossy
Protective glass (no frames display)[yes]
Touch screen
Support pen input (stylus)[no]
Light sensor[yes]
Type of hard disk (drive)solid-state (SSD)
Hard disk capacity32 Gb
Memory card[no]
Integrated camera[no]
Built-in microphone[yes]
Acoustic systemmono speaker
Bluetooth[yes] 2.1
WiFi[yes] 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
Wireless modem[yes] EDGE, UMTS (W-CDMA), HSPA
USB 2.0 (including combo)
USB 3.0[no]
Audio output 3.5 mm jack[yes] 1
Inputs 3.5 mm audio jack[no]
Dock-connector port[yes]
TV tuner[no]
FM tuner[no]
Electronic compass[yes]
The type of batteryLi-pol
Energy reserve25 Wh
Time of work10:0
The operating systemiOS 5.0
Depth242.8 mm
Tablet (tablet)[yes]
Micro PC[no]
Reinforced frame chassis[no]
Accelerometer hard drive[no]
Light up the chassis[no]
Dust, moisture, shock[no]
Optical drive (ODD)[no]
The type of graphics cardbuilt-in
Max. number of output channels[yes] 2.0
Dialup-modem (RJ11)[no]
COM port (RS-232)[no]
USB Sleep & Charge " "[no]
eSATA/USB combo[no]
IEEE 1394 (FireWire)[no]
Fingerprint scanner[no]
The Remote Control[no]
Optical tr?kpad[no]
C?emnyj battery[no]
alekseiy 02.09.2011 в 23:12

Millions buyers cannot be mistaken!!

an excellent thing! Very convenient and interesting. If iPad you show to somebody always you meet identical reaction: "Klassnaya a piece! And how many it stoit?")). Any person having seen Ipad, on any will want to have to itself such. Even if will not tell about it. Simply it is a thing which detains on itself attention. But certainly is and at it minuses. The main minus is if at you in the house is not present Wi-Fi it is useless! If you want to put there 3G you need to cut off this a map till the certain sizes.
stylish, fast, the attention draws, it is convenient in operation.
without Wi-Fi it is useless, if want 3G - it is necessary to cut off This a map.
Alexey 02.09.2011 в 23:12


All simply super, beginning from the touch screen (best of all in the market), and finishing the battery. I use about half a year, has made untied djeiylbreiyk, a software-nemerenno. Houses to the laptop I do not sit down at all, all through a tablet. The unique minus - is not present flash. I hope, sometime Apple and Adobe will reconcile.
Is not present Flash.
Ilya 02.09.2011 в 23:12

It is possible to take

Built in browser Safari it is inconvenient.

there are enough racks to falling on a concrete floor from a table - at the corner the screen only has burst, but the beaten off piece of glass has not fallen off - remained on a place - it is visible, is any laminaciya.

For ON with
Netman 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Good thing for fans to esteem.

the Convenient thing, for those who reads much. The battery holds really long. Matrix IPS very qualitative also shows the sated colours. Dynamic change of brightness works well. There are many useful and convenient applications, including Office2 HD. The Virtual keyboard demands a few time for accustoming. It is Russified easily through options. Together with iPad I advise to buy an original case. So it will be much more convenient than it to use. The standard browser safari - full nonsense.
the screen, the size, weight, time of independent work, convenience of use.
the standard browser safari, absence flash, absence of the chamber.
VICK 02.09.2011 в 23:12

If is at 17:43 nout then take

Already 2 months 64gb+3g+vi-fi = 1250 c.u.
Yes Games all cool! - envy of people in the neighbourhood possess it, but!
the Laptop at all will not replace, the keyboard inconvenient, is not present possibility of work with normal office, there is no possibility fast to throw off from a flash card on a flash card. Well, 1250, it would be possible already and to make!
the screen
Andrey 02.09.2011 в 23:12

it is simple, costs the money.

simply it would be desirable to tell that the most convenient thing I did not see is never simple. On travel, on work, and I am simple at leisure I can not simply refuse it any more. The unique minus is otsustvie chambers on face sheet. For dialogue through the same FaceTime.

Z.Y: And for the people telling about lacks with flash... In any shop it is possible to buy for 60 dop. The device for reading of flesh-cards.
the screen, quality, management, speed, the battery, kol-in various applications in appStore
Video in Skajpe
Victor 02.09.2011 в 23:12

Despite seeming gikovost' c iPad th will cope at 17:53 any child.

the most surprising in a tablet from Apple - it could not be compared. To compare to the laptop senselessly, with phone absurdly.
a thing unique in own way because of the sizes and the intuitive interface. Realisation of children's understanding of the computer.
as the Internet a browser, chitalka soaps, viewing of photos in improvised execution.
a software it is a lot of, especially games, but there are no training programs, interactive textbooks. In quality chitalki it is quite good.
an optimum parity of the size, weight and convenience of the interface. And, of course, workmanship. 3G the modem the big plus IPS a matrix +++
It is impossible to establish or adjust a keyboard apportion. In the browser there is no search on page. From programs there is no normal Internet radio and Skype HD
Vadim 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Computer of following generation

At me 32Gb 3G a month.

yes, there are minuses. It would be desirable, that iPad could replace netbuk, but at present it cannot make it. Is not present mnogozadachnosti (will dare a November update 4.2) and while it is very dependent on the computer (total synchronisation). And the most important thing is not its problem.

its problem only one - comfort. Very many do not see the main plus of this tablet. Surfing, work with mail, conducting personal accounts, a time menedjement, reading of books, magazines etc. - all is thought over to trifles and is as much as possible comfortable. If you necessarily work on the Internet for 8 hours per day or spend time in it houses - aiypad "zaberyot" much; on itself about 30-40 % of this time or all house on the Internet. Because with it it is the most comfortable, and it will be the best 30-40 %

From additional pluses - didjeing and survey PDF of magazines - simply super. 3g the model really holds the battery about 9 hours.
mobility, comfort in work, the battery
dependence on the computer
Pavel 02.09.2011 в 23:12

the Excellent multimidijno-entertaining device!

the First impression ambiguous. As well as it first seems to much big and weighty enough... But in due course you understand all raspberry of the big screen (smaller it would not be desirable to look at something) + quality of the screen pleasantly impresses,
quality of assemblage and packing only pleases an eye, there is nothing to carp.

we Will begin with minuses
1. Has surprised that "iz korobki" there are no banal things as the calculator, a dictophone, an alarm clock with hours and ussd for traffic check... It, of course, all is put instantly with appstora, but the deposit remains.
2. Also strains a little that does not charge from yusb, it is necessary to divide a gymnastics and synchronisation
3. The screen surface personally to me delivers many inconveniences: luster in which you see yourself and set of prints on the screen with which it is difficult to be reconciled if you look "tyomnyiy" a film: you see yourself and zalyapannyiy the screen
4. At synchronisation of photos constantly you face that photos are optimised by a tuna and if have thrown the world map with the permission five times more permissions of the screen, receive as a result absolutely another. It not every day you face, but the fact remains

Well, and now about pluses
1. It is the best "internet-smotrelka"! Here without comments are recognised all who held aiypad
2. All works quickly, bright and pleasantly, any thoughts on "podumat'" applications, the calendar, an iPod, mail and other has "rasshirennyiy" funkcional
3. A software personally for my purposes above a roof... Is both sensible applications, and abrupt razvlekalovki... Many toys simply amaze with quality of a drawing, reasonableness and any more there were no years five such that I behind any toy could stay a pair of clocks
4. The Operating time: to plant the battery for a day to me it was not possible... 2 days a minimum... And so 3
5. The keyboard. ... It seems to much to type inconveniently on a sensor control but when you start to print, instantly you get used... As well as one hand, and by two

the screen, quality, the sizes, support from developers, surfing, an operating time
it is described above, but it is faster defects